Our Grand Garden Plans

Our garden is more of big car park; it’s just an expanse
of tarmac without much in the way of greenery to break it up. We have lots of plans to make it a more
attractive space but of course actually getting round to doing anything
involves time and money, both of which are in short supply at the moment. We would have to hire a digger to break up
the tarmac; we would love to replace with a lawned area whilst keeping a small
tarmac section to continue the bike riding, scooting and go-karting fun.

I guess there are advantages to have so
little grass, especially now its growing so fast and what need regular mowing. We
have added a gate to our “garden” but other than that its pretty much how we
bought the house. Our grand vision is
so far off, its not to say the boys do not enjoy their outside space, they do
have a trampoline, a sand pit and a random box of toys they regularly play
with. But for me I would rather they
had soft grass underfoot to buffer their falls and to protect their little knees
from grazes!

up plans involve a hot tub (when we are dreaming particularly hard!), a
barbecue and a swinging chair. The boys
would love a climbing area and swing, the dog herself has not added to the list
of demands, she is more than happy as long as she has a small digging area and somewhere to hide her chews!!!

We need to get some new lighting, I liked
this one from LED Planet for the
porch area, it would make finding the dog in the dark a bit easier.

lights are handy for the borders too especially if we ever hope to entertain in
the evening and want our garden to look more appealing for our visitors. Our neighbours are always hosting events and
because of the state of our house on purchase we have always had a valid excuse
but the time will come we have to return the favour and invite everyone over.

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