Red Carpet Fashion

House of Fraser will be
the title sponsor for the British
Academy Television Awards this year, with it only a few days away (10th
of May) you do not have long to see who will be this years winners and get to
have a good look at what they are wearing when they go up for their award. It got me thinking about red carpet fashion
and what looks I thought worked the best in the past. I am sure the “winners” will have their outfits already sorted
seeing as we are so close to the event, but you never know…

I love traditional glamour, men looking especially
handsome in tuxedos, a crisp white shirt, a bowtie and shiny shoes never steer
you wrong. So as you can guess my
preferred style for the award ceremonies is very formal if I am honest, nothing
too quirky!

Black is my colour of
choice but I thought Kit Harrington of Game of Thrones fame looked equally
dashing in a navy tux, but then again I am mainly looking at his face (and imagining being his wildling!) so he
could get away with wearing anything!!! Adrian Grenier in a purple three-piece
tuxedo might be considered fashionable but personally it was a little too bold
for me. Each to their own though and I
know some girls would think purple is all the rage or equally like the black and white combo
that Kevin Heart is wearing but its not for me!

Looking at the Golden
Globes 2015 I have decided I do not like open jackets with the waistcoat
totally on display it doesn’t look quite as smart somehow (Matthew McConaughey
take note!), although he is standing next to his stunning wife so who am I to
cast judgement! I also quite like
facial hair (think Vikings show!) but I think his could do with a little bit of
a grooming session… I do like rugged
but not completely lost in the wild!

would recommend the stars pick out a smart formal
shirt and a classic tuxedo for
effortless style. Probably not the one my husband was sent to review (it is lovely but not plain enough for my ideal red carpet vision!). He is very impressed with his new shirt though and was keen to get wearing it straight away, he will definitely look dapper at work next!

Happy with his new Tommy Hilfiger shirt to review x

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