Sponsored Video: Save The Children Den Day

love children’s creative minds, its amazing to see what they can come up with
given a few materials they salvage around the house (or in the case of my
youngest what he manages to find on the school field!). He always comes home with
quite a collection of random bits and bobs stuffed deep into his pockets, items
that would not be missed, as they are usually a bit broken! He tells me he has plans to be a great
inventor whilst his older brother is convinced he wants to be an engineer! So between them they always want to build
things together, usually dens. Although
they have not yet created anything on the scale of the following video by Save
The Children.

video is quite funny, children grumble they are tired, they argue over who gets
what materials and they might not all agree on the creative vision but what
they manage to produce at the end is nothing short of remarkable! I can imagine Summer our dog wanting to join
in the fun and trying to run off with sandwiches too!!!

am sure we will be getting involved in Den Day which is between the 29th
of May to 6th of June, the boys would love any excuse to focus on
their den building endeavours. You can
find out more information on the Den Dayhomepage and take part either at home or at school, helping raise funds for
Save The Children at the same time. If
your doing it from home you can get your friends and family to sponsor you to
stay in it overnight. Plus its amazing
how little money makes such a big difference to Save The Children’s work, for example £20 could buy enough healthy food, like fresh meat and
vegetables, for a child to eat for one month.

my boys make a den its quite a full on activity, we usually need a selection of
snacks and entertainment so they can stay hidden away for awhile. It’s a wonderful way for them to pass a
rainy afternoon indoors.

This post has been sponsored by Save The
Children, but all thoughts are my own.

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