Tips from Lechuza and an Update on our Plants

Well it’s been a couple of months
since we planted
our herbs
from Lechuza and they are still thriving. The planters make all the difference I have
an easy visual gauge to see when they need a drink so they faring much better
than normal. Usually our plants do not
last long enough to give an update about them but Lechuza has impressed me as
the herbs are positively blooming (one of them has grown tiny pretty pink/purple

Gardening can be a wonderful hobby
for the whole family so Lechuza wanted me to share some of their tips they came up with Jean Vernon, Gardening Correspondent for The Daily Telegraph to help make it a more rewarding experience for everyone.

Ready grown plants are better if little ones like seeing fast
results, but there is something incredibly rewarding seeing a plant grow from a
seed if you have the patience

Keep gardening enjoyable, choose plants wisely, ones that
smell nice or attract butterflies to your garden. The boys are always making “magic” potions and they like picking
a couple of herbs for them because they are so fragrant! Under all the glitter you can guarantee they have a few herbs in there!!!

These magic potions are very glittery! x

A photo posted by Karen (@missingsleep) on Apr 20, 2015 at 8:16am PDT

Children could grow food for their pets if they
have rabbits or guinea pigs they would appreciate tasty lettuce greens to eat

Have a gardening party,
buy in little pots and invite round all your children’s friends they can all
get involved in the fun activity

Give them their own
plant to care for, success is not always guaranteed but the right planter can
help with that!

Add some toys to the
planters for colour and to make them look more inviting for children. We have a garden gnome in one of other pots!

Let your children be
involved in watering the plants, if you have overenthusiastic children remove
the drainage plug then Lechuza planters cannot be over watered

If your not naturally
green fingered encourage your child to spend some time with someone who is, my
dad is much better than me, many a time he has had to rescue my poor wilted
plants! Although the Lechuza planters
have given him a break!

Children enjoy “helping”
get them some gardening tools to do just that! 
Although I was actually wearing a child sized gardening glove to remove
a bramble the other day! So maybe I
need to invest in some adult versions.

Do not worry about your children getting their
hands dirty; fresh-bagged compost from a garden centre should be clean.

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