#TruprintDads Campaign

I quickly realised when picking out some Father’s Day products from Truprint
was how few pictures we actually have of the children and their dad. We have lots of pictures of the boys
together or individually but not many of all of us together. It’s a shame really as it is great to have
lots of pictures to document memories and we go to all these fantastic places
with the boys but you wouldn’t think we were there most of the time as we fail
to appear in any pictures!

So we are setting ourselves a challenge from this point on
to take more pictures of dad! I will
let the boys get snapping, I will take pictures myself and we will ask nice
people to do the same and get some of us all together. Otherwise I am sure in the future we will
regret having not taken enough pictures, the children are growing up so quickly
and we should be keeping a record of our life together as a family. The almost eight year old is getting so
independent, he might be refusing pictures soon! He is certainly refusing cuddles unless its bedtime or first
thing in the morning and then he says I should be grateful as some of his
friends don’t cuddle their parents at all… it’s heartbreaking, I am not
prepared for this yet!!!

the boys are older they will enjoy looking back at pictures seeing how we have
all changed and to prove their parents weren’t always quite so old and crinkly
looking! If you have done better than
us and have taken more pictures then you have a wonderful choice of Father’s
Day Gifts on the Truprint website and if
you use the code LOVEMYDAD you can save up to £30 (last order date June 15th).

So get creative, keep
taking photos and display them all around the house. Our photo wall is coming along nicely (partly thanks to Truprint
but still minus a dad picture!) and the boys enjoy looking at it. Just as I liked looking at my old family
photographs and remembering my own childhood.

Our #photowall coming along nicely x

A photo posted by Karen (@missingsleep) on May 25, 2015 at 1:10am PDT

You can make them more
exciting if you wanted, if you search
online you will get plenty of inspiration, pictures of hands and feet seem
popular to remember how little they once were compared to mum and dad or you can add a big photo frame into the picture around your children. But the most important thing is just to start getting behind a camera and preserving those memories.

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