Darwin Bunk Bed Review

youngest has been a little envious of his big brother owning his own bunk bed,
so when the opportunity came for him to review his own we jumped at the chance
especially as it was with the company Great Little Trading Co. so you knew the quality would be superior than most
items of furniture you find out there. 
We already had a positive experience of Great Little Trading Co. so we
had high expectations for this product and my little one was literally counting
down the days for it to arrive so he could plan his very first sleepover! Delivery did take a while though so he had
to be patient, the mattresses came quite quickly but the frame itself took
considerably longer.

the Cloud
Grey Darwin Bunk Bed (£599) was everything we could have wanted (so well
worth the wait!) and the company even sent two mattresses so my youngest could
enjoy his new bed straight away.

We had
the Seaview Premium Mattress (£255) for the bottom bunk and a shallower mattress better
suited for the top bunk because of the size of the safety rails.

was straightforward to assemble just make sure you give yourself adequate time
for the build project (for example not too close to bedtime if you were
planning on using the bed that night!!!), the instructions were
self-explanatory and the end result was very sturdy. I love that you have the option to convert the bunk into two full
size single beds if you wanted, so if the novelty of a bunk ever wears off you
can still get ample use out of this piece of bedroom furniture.

think the cloud grey colour is very modern and it’s an attractive piece of
furniture. I would love to save up to
buy some other items to compliment the look as currently he has oak wardrobes,
a blue bookshelf and this cloud grey bunk, so it’s a bit of a mismatch of
colours in there at the moment. The
Underbed Truckle Drawer (£199) is a good choice is your short of storage
options, it also keeps the space under the bed that much more tidy (and stops dust bunnies getting comfortable!).

top bunk is for children 6+ but my youngest is still choosing to sleep in the
bottom bunk so far; it has decent headroom so he can sit up properly in bed
without bumping his head, which is handy as he does like reading in bed.

But the top bunk will soon be filled with
one of his mates; we are just waiting for the blog events calendar to calm down
so we can return to having friends over again! 
Thankfully the ladder is easy enough to navigate so I do not need worry that one of them will get stuck.

Big grins for his new bunkbed from the #greatlittletradingcompany #review #mummybloggers x

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