Glasses Not for Everyone

I started wearing glasses at secondary school; they were not
a particularly flattering pair. I had
to make do with whatever was free at the time and I always resented having to
wear them. As soon as I could I used
monthly contacts, which I then upgraded to daily disposables when I had my own
income as it meant I did not have to clean them just chuck them away at the end
of the day. Glasses were then reserved
for giving my eyes a break occasionally! 
But even with contact lenses I would get it wrong if I had been out
drinking I would think the following morning they were still in and try and
take them out with painful results!!!

So when I had the chance I paid for laser eye surgery, it
was quick and painless, I just remember the smell of burning eye! Afterwards my eyes watered for quite a while
and then a few days later I realised my eyes were working so much better, I
could finally see without glasses or contacts. 
The cost I had spent on surgery bearing in mind you can get some great
deals from companies like optical
express was soon offset with what I would have been spent with my
disposable contacts and new glasses. 12
years on and I am in a huge profit for making that change, I know eventually I
will need glasses again but for the time being I am making the most of not
needing too!

Hubbie wears glasses but he has never considered the
surgery, I think its one of those things, you take the leap of faith and hope
it works and for me its made a huge difference to my life! I was able to drink steaming cups of tea
without my glasses fogging up just one of the many benefits of no glasses. If my children eventually want to try having
surgery because they find glasses do not suit them then I hope I will be
supportive, even though I know my own mum worried until she heard I was

But seriously with technological
advancements you are in safe hands, just make a point of researching the
company you are thinking of using, see what customers have to say about their
own experience and go for a firm established in the field.

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