Illuminasia Blackpool

youngest had seen this attraction advertised on the Internet and thought it
looked beautiful so we were very keen for our review visit to arrive. With the illuminations only happening from
the 4th of September to the 8th of November you are
restricted when you can see Blackpool lit up, but that’s not such an issue
anymore Illuminasia is open all
year round (7 days a week during high season) and you no longer feel like you
have missed out!

We were spellbound from start to finish, admittedly the
attraction is quite short but what they do have there still justifies the
entrance fee in my opinion because how often can you walk around such an
attractive setting. Adults and children
alike can also do The Discovery Trail answering a series of questions as they
work there way around Illuminasia; this proves quite educational and also
prolongs the time spent there. At the
end the boys were happy to be presented with a certificate for their efforts,
so that’s a nice addition to the visit.

work and effort has been put into creating a magnificent indoor illuminations
display, 56 Chinese artisans took three months to construct it using 20,000
square metres of fabric, 27 tons of steel and 35,000 lamps. It was a welcome escape from the hustle and
bustle of town, a visually stunning experience that captured the attention of
everyone in the family. The accompanying
music left me feeling calm and tranquil which is quite an achievement after the
loud busy streets of Blackpool.

#illuminasia the lights are beautiful #illuminations #blackpool x

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are plenty of opportunities to take spectacular pictures if you have a good
camera and a little skill, even an amateur with a smart phone such as myself
can have a lot of fun as the place is full of mesmerising exhibits. The 3D viewing section is excellent; the
dragons especially seem to come really close I actually jumped! You have to pay an extra £1 each for the use
of the 3D glasses but that is a refunded on their safe return.

the end of the attraction you can watch a laser show which the boys seemed to
enjoy and take advantage of the reasonable priced café. I think it’s probably worth buying tickets
when you arrive to Blackpool, as they seem more expensive through ticketmaster
but we are very glad we had an opportunity to visit and would definitely recommend
it to anyone.

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