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My two have gone more dinosaur mad than usual with the excitement building behind the Jurassic World release. They have not watched it yet, I am still deciding if they could cope with the content but we have watched the first two films in the series behind a cushion at first but then they giggled rather than get alarmed when a man was gobbled up from his position on the toilet seat!

I really like this LEGO animation video of the Jurassic Park T.Rex breakout it might appeal to children more as an alternative to the actual films as its not quite as scary when its involving LEGO figures not real people.

So as you can see the arrival of the LEGO T.Rex Tracker set (RRP £59.99) was very well timed.

Not sure who is more excited me or the kids? #jurassicworld #lego #legofamilyblogger x

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Eldest was enthusiastic to get building but kept getting distracted by the impressive T.Rex and who it would chomp up! So daddy jumped in to finish the last bits of the cage so we could contain the tricky character before his next snacking session.

Is a T-Rex ever truly captured? #lego #jurassicworld x

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Although as anyone knows how long can you actually contain a T.Rex? They have tried taming him, he has a place to sit (or stand) a LEGO figure on his back, so they rode him around the room like a horse hoping to calm him down… I do love children’s optimism but he was never truly domesticated and was soon back to snapping up unsuspecting characters in his jaws!

Fortunately the set comes with a tranquilizer gun just hope your aim is good because when the water starts shaking its time to make a quick getaway or have an accurate shot at your target! Personally at that point I would run for the hills and hope he hasn’t given chase.

The new Jurassic World LEGO sets are fabulous for fans of the films, those with an interest in dinosaurs or just adventurous children. I have a feeling we will be “snapping” up more sets soon to add to our collection, we are certainly very pleased with the quality of the T.Rex Tracker set, plenty of little accessories and clear build instructions.

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