#netflixstreamteam June Update

I have started Orange is the new Black (season 3) I must admit I did not expect the whole
series to come out in one go, I thought I would be drip fed the entertainment a
week at the time! So I am trying not to
have a whole night of Orange is the new Black bender and watch it at a more leisurely speed. It’s been good to see more of Daya and John’s soul searching about the baby, they have a tough decision ahead of them and I am eager to see how that unfolds. We are being thrown into the racy scenes pretty much straight away (Piper and Alex!) and after more tame shows I am trying to adjust to it all over again!

Although I know a few episodes in my attention will be well and
truly captured no doubt and the long viewing sessions will commence in earnest
but for the moment I am still juggling Once Upon a Time (series 4 now!) which I
am enjoying more than ever. I do not
like to give anything away but it is interesting seeing new characters joining
the show (Frozen fans will be especially pleased!). I am still holding a torch for Hook, especially as he is showing
his more charming side and coming to Emma’s rescue on a regular basis!!! It’s hard not to get smitten by a pirate
with a kind heart and a rugged exterior! *swoon*

In between my May update we have now also watched all of
series 1 of Better Call Saul, I had been putting it off despite very glowing
recommendations as I am not always a fan of a series in the past brought out
after a more current one (Breaking Bad), especially when you know the outcome
of some of the lead characters. But I
put my feelings aside and I was glad I did, as it was fabulous!!! I really want Better Call Saul session 2 and
quick. Saul is just so adorable to
watch, he is a caring solicitor trying to get his big break with a number of
tricky obstacles… I just want to give him a big squeeze and tell him everything
will be okay, equally I want to give his brother a slap for being so cruel!!!

the boys now have Netflix on their tablets
so it’s been a peaceful month, they are not arguing over who picks what to
watch anymore. It’s blissful having the
peace and quiet and the programmes they now pick are better suited to their
age, youngest is able to choose cartons his brother would grumble about
normally! Eldest was off ill last week
and we watched The Last Airbender together, if you have not seen this
yet its definitely one to watch with the kids. 
We loved the action and by the end of the film wanted our own bending
skill! It’s a shame M. Night
Shyamalan does not have a sequel yet as
I really would like to see more of the story unfold.

in next month to see what else we have been viewing.

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