One Year Later

month is a tricky one for us we have to try and find the money to have the
front of the house repointed, it’s the 1st anniversary in our new
house and rather than celebrate with champagne we are just hoping to stop
further water damage from heavy rain in the front rooms…

a house that needs considerable work is a stressful experience, even when the
full structural report was damming I still remained vaguely positive but a year
later that optimism has waned slightly!!! 
Occasionally we have short fleeting moments of regret when the costs
keep piling up but we are in for the long run and hopefully it will pay off as
an investment for the boys future when we downsize property in our twilight
years and free up some capital for them!

have learnt some valuable lessons along the way like the order you should do
jobs, start outside and work in for one… the rooms we have decorated at the
front now need a lick of paint because we did things back to front so we have
the additional cost of reordering Kent Blaxill decorating supplies
refresh those damaged areas. 
Fortunately purchasing them online works out cheaper than our pricey
local DIY store.

Stick with your instinct; if you want
something done but your builder disagrees get a different builder. Do not feel steamrolled into decisions you
are not happy with. You are paying the
bill so should have absolute control (safety permitting) of jobs you want
completed. We learnt the hard way, but
next time I would be firmer.

Keep a tight reign on finances
because they can soon spiral out of control when handling such a big project,
prioritise the most important jobs and try not to get carried away buying
furniture for a larger house when you have so much essential work that needs to
be completed. We have been reasonably
good in this respect, with just the very occasional hiccup! Luckily in my moments of weakness hubbie
stays stronger and visa versa.

Finally do your research online, we
had a quote for raising damp on the recommendation of our structural survey,
which was quite pricey, but on top of that the work required us to take the
plasterwork back to the stonework. But
having looked online we found out that most of the problems are rectified when
people move into the property and start heating it etc. This property had been vacant for almost a
year so most of the issue has resolved itself.

Hopefully for our 2nd
anniversary we will finally get a glass of bubbly but by then we will have
probably moved on to something else… like adding a ceiling to this room, well at least we added a new radiator…

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