Sponsored Video: McDonalds Trust – The Cow

The boys have enjoyed McDonalds burgers on a fair few
occasions; it’s a treat on days out after a good film at the cinema, especially
as they get a nice toy to keep in their kid’s meal afterwards. I always feel a bit guilty giving them fast
food though; I worry about the quality of the ingredients and the nutritional
content of the food. But because it
makes them so happy I think a little of what you like is okay every now and
then. Although at the back of my mind I
am always questioning my decision… I didn’t think twice when I was a kid
though, I just used to munch through my burger with a satisfied grin on my
face, but my mum was probably worrying about the content.

Well watching this video below has made me feel much
better! McDonalds want to reassure mums
everywhere that their burgers are so tasty because they are not filled with
unnecessary extras!

At first we hear that Laura (aged 9) thinks cows are filled
with all kinds of additives and flavour enhancers (the poor cow looks quite
inflated!) and because her mum says so she believes the good meat would
definitely not be reserved for McDonalds burgers, it must be right because the
hairdresser even thinks the same…

Thankfully we get to hear from a butcher and we soon learn
McDonalds burgers are all about 100% beef and nothing else (well maybe a
pinch of salt and pepper for seasoning but I can live with that!). McDonalds use the right feed for their cows,
have fresh grass available and then only use the best cuts of meat in the final
burger so they do not need all the horrible extra’s you might have assumed where
lurking in their burgers. Next time we
go to McDonalds I will happily order the boys burgers without any worries.

This post has been sponsored by McDonalds, but all thoughts
are my own.

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