Stuck On You Review and Voucher Competition

Stuck on You

My two love bickering they have refined it into an art form so being sent a separate Budding Artist Kit each from Stuck On You in their own names was wonderful! It’s now quite clear who owns which pens and pencils so no more fighting over one of them hogging certain colours and not sharing!!! For £15.99 each set I think its worth it if it gives us parents some much needed peace and quiet, although I am sure they will find something else to fight over soon enough…

Stuck on you pencils

Another plus with new colouring supplies is that my boys always seem to unleash their creative side and I enjoy seeing the pictures they draw in the sketchbook. My two are big computer gamers normally so anything to motivate them to put the controllers down, step away from the screen and try a different activity is very welcome. When choosing your kit you not only personalise the name but also pick out the design image and the font type. You can really turn it into a gift your children will love and find appealing.

We have been going on lots of holidays lately (we actually have holiday fatigue if its such a thing!!!) so the Travel Kit (£18.99) is very much appreciated! Our luggage gets quite heavy so anything to stop us taking full bottles of shampoo/body wash and lightening our load is a good thing! Plus the boys have their own preferences now to the different toiletries they like, with a kit each they can fill the bottles up with their own choices from home rather than us taking multiple bottles along on the trip. Anything for an easy life I say! Conveniently the bottles comply with the size requirements for air travel, so if we ever have a chance to dust off our passports these kits will most definitely be joining us on our next holiday abroad


Having had such a lovely experience with Stuck On You products I thought I would offer a competition to my followers. One lucky winner who completes the form below by the 11th of July will win a £40 Stuck On You Voucher.

Stuck On You £40 Voucher

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  1. I would buy the "Monogram Journal" as I really like the patterns and colours and it would be really useful to have!

  2. Would love to buy Phone covers for my Mum & Dad with pictures of my son on it to gift them this time when we make our yearly trip as they miss him so much 🙂

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