Tackling household nasties

A decent hover is a great asset in tackling the dreaded housework! The dog is moulting like crazy at the moment, I think she feels summer is on the way even though I am not always as convinced! I suppose seeing as she is actually called Summer then she is more optimistic than most when it comes to the weather…

Hubbie is off today so he has our trusty Dyson on the go.

I would be lost without it, having lots of laminate flooring the dog hairs really do show and they go like tumble weed if left, blowing around the room if you happen to leave a window open! I stress it is not a good look. It’s helpful having an extra pair of helping hands for a change, having been away the last two weekends for events through the blog the house is more than a little neglected. It is going to take our combined forces to wrestle it back into order.

Being asthmatic it’s very important to keep on top of the fluff and dust. I think our Dyson has helped with my allergies too. To be honest they are the only type of vacuum cleaner I will buy from now on, as they are engineered to remove allergens. If you’re not sure which Dyson Vacuum Cleaner to buy Tesco has a very helpful guide to simplify the process.

With my eldest having some signs of asthma as well it is essential we keep skin cells, pollen, pet hair and other nasty microscopic particles to an absolute minimum. If we ever saw them closely would probably make your skin crawl, especially those creepy looking dust mites!!! Even as frightening apparently a single gram of house dust can contain around 100,000 mould spores alone (source Dyson Allergies).

Now that fact alone has me wanting to rush off and start hovering in earnest!!! Perhaps I have finally found my motivation to tackle the housework once and for all and we will have all have less problems with coughing and itching eyes (I always get these sadly, but thought they were a result of my hay fever, instead it could be down to needing to hover more!).

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  1. "they go like tumble weed if left, blowing around the room" – are you sure you're not in my home?? Yes, have a shedding dog and laminate floors here too, not a great combination. I use a Gtech AirRam, which is more user-friendly than my Dyson (I find a lot of the dog hair blows about with the Dyson) & I've just found out they have got a new pet-friendly version out too

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