The Best of British Review and Giveaway

could not think of a better game for us to review during our traditional caravan
, hubbie and I were glad of some entertainment when it was time to
bring the boys back home to unwind.

Best of British
(RRP £29.99) was simple to set up so we could crack on with the game
straight away! Nothing worse than
having to plough through a game-playing tome before you can get to the
pleasurable part.

there was only the two of us playing we could not open up the question to the
other team we just took it in turns between ourselves, eldest was a bit too
young at just 8 as it is aimed at 12+, although saying that he probably would
have been more knowledgeable than us in certain area’s.

I was quite glad it was only the pair of us though as we quickly realised we
had very vague history knowledge so struggled on those types of questions. It might have been quite embarrassing if we
had been with a grown up know it all, but when it came to certain subjects
hubbie and I thrived, I will confess those areas were mainly linked to
food! But hubbie and I are led by our
tummies so that’s to be expected really, our pieces began moving round the
board when it was about chocolate bars, puddings and sweets!

of the gaps in our knowledge we still really enjoyed this game, it’s a great
way to learn more about Britain and you will find certain questions you have no
problems with, as the question base is vast covering lots of different
topics. That’s what makes it such an
interesting game; you can learn so many new things.

you want to get your hands on the game you can find the stockists here or
alternatively you can try your luck at winning your own copy by filling out the
form below by the 5th of July.
Best of British Game

129 thoughts on “The Best of British Review and Giveaway

  1. I would like to win because I am proud of my heritage and love anything and everything British and I am also completely obsessed with trivia. I am a MASSIVE quiz fan and so this sounds absolutely perfect for me 🙂 combing my two loves!

  2. It's games like this which bring families together and it would really make the kids happy! plus we're planning a three gen holiday, and this would keep the kids amused for hours in the evenings

  3. I would love to win so that I can play with my husband and daughters – it looks like great fun! 🙂

  4. Id like to win because it would make a great Christmas present for my uncle and a great game to play at Christmas with all the family 🙂

  5. I would love to play this with my family over the summer holidays as don't get enough quality time together but enjoy playing new games when we do 🙂 x

  6. i would love to win because there is nothing we enjoy more as a family then to sit down after sunday lunch and play a board game together

  7. I'd like to win as I've always enjoyed playing good old fashioned board games and I want to pass that love down to younger generations

  8. We enjoy board games – this one looks interesting and it would be good to learn something new along the way…

  9. We enjoy board games – this one looks interesting and it would be good to learn something new along the way…

  10. Just spoke to my teenage daughter and said I am going to enter this competiton and win us a Best of British board game, so we can have some quality family time together. Her reply, without even looking up from texting was "That's all we need". So there you have it, my daughter says for quality time with her Dad, the Best of British board game is all you need ;o)

  11. I would love to win this game, because (1) it sounds like a really fun and enjoyable game to play, (2) it is the perfect way to distract the family from sitting in front of the tv and (3) because we are going away for a long weekend soon and this would be fabulous incase rain stops play and we are forced to stay inside!

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