Badger the Mystical Mutt and the Bigfoot Brigade

are delighted that Badger has returned for more adventures in Series 2 as we
were beginning to miss the likeable character. 
The next instalment is called Badger the Mystical Mutt and the Bigfoot
Brigade and promises yet more magic (not always successful of course!), more challenges
and hopefully more hot buttered toast!!!

latest book sees Badger on an official mission faced with fierce blizzards and
a hungry tummy so you know he is going to have his work cut out. Nothing is ever simple for poor Badger he
has to deal with the suspicious prying Pupparazzi (“I’m watching you”) who are
desperate to write a sensational spread on Bigfoot. Thankfully Badger is on hand to help teach them a valuable lesson
and give them a taste of their own medicine.

poor Bigfoot family have had no escape from the invading press; yetis are rare so
Schubert is desperate for the exclusive news story. They are not nice in their aim to do this, flashing cameras,
snooping around, being very intrusive and even worse, even ruthless at times (with the planned yeti

The yeti children (Flossy and Bossie) are forced
to stay indoors so they are undetected by the hounds and Mrs Bigfoot cannot go
shopping at her local store, their life is turned upside down by the Pupparazzi interference. The press have a complete
disregard for their right to privacy. They
just long for normal lives. The book helps children understand that there are different
types of news stories and not to believe everything they read. Hugo restores their faith in the press with
accurate reporting of the facts in a way that the Bigfoot family can finally be left in peace.

text is very descriptive “mashing, thrashing and crunching” is one example so ideal to build
up children’s vocabulary. It is also an
appealing read for children with curious names for things, “jangle flub cakes”

can order the book from Badger’s
for £5.99 (postage is extra) and finally learn the true size of Mr Bigfoots

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