Feeling the Summer Holidays Pinch

am feeling the pinch this holiday, we have been cramming everything in to give
the boys a summer holiday to remember and it all comes at a cost. This week alone its been llama trekking, a
demolition derby and quad biking. We are doing free bits in between, visits to
parks, mountain walks and board games at home but still I want some wow moments
for them to go back to school with!

we are on the cusp of payday but overdrawn nonetheless and the boys still need
their wardrobes updating with summer wear. 
I will be making use of every offer code from Fashion Beans
in August to try and get out of the red but still keep the boys looking smart and
fashionable. I am not about designer
labels just tidy practical clothes for them; they grow so fast I cannot justify
spending a fortune (not that I have one to spend anyway sadly!).

& Spencer have a 20% off orders event using a code on the Fashion Beans
site. Shame I did not realise sooner as
we have already ordered the boys school uniform from Tesco which was a
considerable purchase but with the discount it might have been better to order
through M&S and make a potential saving. 
Although there are other things we need so the offer will not go to

all about the minions so I would get my youngest a pair of wellies (£15), his
old pair had to be thrown out they were stinking after a water fight that
filled them completely and never really dried out!!! If he had minions ones he might (just maybe!) take better care of
them, I can live in hope.

love these trainers and not to expensive either (only £14 even before the
discount is applied). I need to start
spending less on the boys footwear because all they do is scuff shoes really
quickly! A new pair can look well worn
in just a matter of days.

pair of them could do with Trilby hats (£12), they tried one I was sent for me
and it suited them perfectly. I think
boys look so handsome in these types of hats, much more dapper than your average
baseball cap.

really like this shirt (£14), its very summery! If they wear it sunshine might follow, the eternal optimist me. But how can it not with a top this bold, we would be off in search of sandy beaches…

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