Finding The Motivation To Train

was reading a fellow bloggers post about the Race
for Life and felt inspired! I think
Cancer Research UK is a great cause and the race itself is a wonderful way to build
up your fitness levels whilst honouring those you hold dearest.

family has been affected by cancer; it’s a dreadful unforgiving disease so it’s
truly wonderful to see people fundraising so diligently. I had a (minor) chest pain just pushing the
boys on one of the rides at the park so I would definitely benefit from
committing more time to exercising.

think knowing you had an event date to prepare for would give you the
motivation to train for it. Although it
might prove difficult coming up with your own schedule when you have so many
other things to juggle. You need
something to keep you focused because the next 12 weeks will pass quickly
(especially when you consider 7 of them are the summer holidays with extra
childcare commitments for many!).

might be worthwhile subscribing to a digital coaching plan like the one at Kiqplan
with suggested daily workouts and tips (“maintain focus”). With a training plan perfectly tailored to
your needs you can free up more time to focus on fundraising for the event
itself. Make sure you have set up a
JustGiving page and shared it with your family, friends, neighbours, and work
colleagues, basically anyone who will listen and then dig deeply into their
pockets for you!

those attempting the 5K race (just over 3 miles) there is the Kiqplan 5K app
available on android
or iOS. It very cleverly uses information based on
the steps you take and the calories you eat to come up with a plan most suited
to you. Before you know it you will be
race ready and making your family proud!

extra-determined fundraisers doing the 10K race also have a special Kiqplan app
just for them again available both on android
or iOS. If I ever attempt the event I will need ALL
the help I can get so it’s a genuine relief to know you can get lots of
support. Nutritional advice would
really help me, as I don’t think tea, cake and biscuits (my usual staples) are
going to get me race ready anytime soon!!!

bad for £4.99 when you consider they also donate 20% of that figure back to Cancer
Research UK. So lock the fatty foods
away, stock up on celery (actually the app recipes sound much more tasty!) and start jogging and lifting weights with your helpful personal trainer Kiqplan.

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