HarryB Honolulu Shark Shorts

a recent visit to the beach the boys were keen to splash and swim in the sea,
they can happily spend ages in there but when they decide they have had enough
or feel cold you have to act quickly or they do get proper grumpy! Luckily I was sent a pair of towelling
shorts for each of them from Harry B
so they soon felt snug again. Not all
children cope well with temperature changes so having these shorts is one way
to quickly warm them up after a dip in the chilly sea. Harry B is the brainchild of Harriet
Bennett a mum that has experienced all those little tricky scenario’s we face
at the beach and from that towelling shorts were created and our sanity was

put his on and immediately said they were so cosy, he looked much more
comfortable straightaway and was then happy to continue to play on the

The boys love the shark design
and I would happily pay £14.50 each as it saves you having to wrestle them back
into underpants (not an easy task when they are wet and sandy!). The boys can just have these comfy shorts on
and get back to the important job of having fun! Now the boys are older they do not seem so keen on the towelling
poncho’s we favoured when they were tiny, Honolulu Shark Shorts
a trendy alternative.

You can order them in small (4-6 years), medium (7-9
years), large (10-11 years) and extra large (12-13 years). The shorts are true to the sizing, I ordered
larger thinking that usually the boys need the next size but its handy in a way
as they can get more wear out of them now. 
They have had their first wash and are still looking good, I have a
feeling we will be using these regularly during the summer when we hopefully
squeeze in more time beachside or just to dry off after one of our many water
fights at home!

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