#netflixstreamteam July Update

been a busy month of Netflix viewing, tying up loose ends by finishing a few
series and starting a new one. Our
evenings would not be the same without Netflix we never have a “there is
nothing to watch” moment! The problem
is keeping on top of all the shows we have grown to love.

have finished series 3 of Orange is the new Black, I did think the
ending was a little cheesy but I suppose its nice to have a lighter finish
after much more sinister issues. I
really felt for Tiffany “Pennsatucky” Doggett and
what she was dealing with. It was good
to see her friendship with Big Boo developing so she had an ally when she
really needed one.

have finished Once Upon a Time series 4 which left us on a cliffhanger and the feeling that series 5 would have plenty more to offer, its going to be interesting seeing
another side of Emma that’s for sure. I do not know how
I will cope without Hook on my screen to drool over but as compensation hubbie and I have picked out a new show to keep me distracted
until then. A new show complete with
attractive Hook substitutes of course!!!

I get into a new show we tend to binge watch it and that’s just what has happened
since we started on The Originals
Being avid Vampire Diaries fans we thought we would see what the
spin-off would be like and a couple of episodes in we are completed captivated.

The first episode we thought it was covering
too much back-story from the Vampire Diaries it seemed too familiar somehow,
but from then on its grown from strength to strength. If I am honest I was missing Klaus although surprisingly so far it’s Elijah with his gentlemanly charm and values that’s proved the most appealing.

It’s a gripping show, witches,
vampires, werewolves and hybrids all with their own agenda’s and quest for
power. Action, romance and intrigue are
all covered and you really start to sympathize with some of the characters,
especially poor Hayley who so far hasn’t had the smoothest of pregnancies. Although when you are carrying potentially a
ticking time bomb that could destroy the witches and vampire race you can see
why everyone is a little jumpy!

boys have finished all of the DreamWorks
Dragons: Race to the Edge
it has helped give me a moment’s peace through the holidays to keep on top of
the housework and writing my blog. As I tend to
use the time they watch that to do other things I do not have a plot outline to
share with you guys, the only thing I would say is the boys seemed happy and stopped arguing so it must be fascinating stuff for them…

One thought on “#netflixstreamteam July Update

  1. I'm on episode 7 of OINTB, it hasn't drawn me in like the other series, but the narrative is just getting stronger in this episode.

    My son has enjoyed DreamWorks Dragons too – he's a bit addicted!

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