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We are off to London in the summer holidays, I cannot wait to catch up with the boys godmummy who lives there and have a good look around the many London attractions. We have already booked tickets for Shrek’s Adventure, which looks quite the magical journey and I quite fancy the Ripley’s Believe It or Not! museum as I have heard good things from a close friend. The Laserace sounds quite challenging and I know my boys would enjoy jumping and crawling through the various beams!

It’s a flying visit so we do not have a huge amount of time to explore so we want to squeeze in as much as we can with some forward planning. Picking a central hotel like the Holiday Inn London Kensington Forum would save time as we would be better placed for attractions but on this occasion I am looking forward to staying with the boys godparents at their lovely new house, its further out but we get to meet their gorgeous spaniel puppy and give it cuddles!

It’s a few years since we have last been to London as a family; youngest was only 3 bless him so the boys will hopefully remember more from this trip. Look how tiny he used to look back then!!!

Our trip coincides with the BBC Proms so that’s another possibility whilst we are there. The boys have just had their end of year school reports and I noticed for my eldest they had added a music section now he is in year 3. Apparently my son sings songs in tune and is beginning to control his breathing for a better performance, with that in mind a musical event might spur him on to continue to do well in music.

Introducing the boys to classical music might expand their horizons somewhat as at the moment it’s all “What Does the Fox Say?” and “Gangnam Style”. To get a lifelong love though it needs to be more than just a set lesson at school, going to the proms might be the catalyst to achieve that. Apparently classical music can also help with a child’s development so the cost of tickets to the prom might turn out to be a worthwhile investment in more ways than one.

Written in collaboration with Holiday Inn but all thoughts are my own.

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