Shopping in the Melijoe Sales

Money is exceptionally tight at the moment but the boys
still keep growing and need new clothes regardless (they obviously didn’t get
the memo!). Hubbie and I can make ours
last (until almost threadbare!), but the boys end up with their little ankles
on show if trousers are not promptly replaced and jumpers usually have sleeves
to their elbows because of the speed they are maturing. So if I see a sale I am quick to make some
purchases just to stop them looking out of sorts amongst their peers.

melijoe have a summer sale with final
markdowns of up to 70% at the moment, what a fine sale that is! It’s been hard to narrow it down to a few
items as so much has caught my eye this time round. I particularly liked the sale t-shirts as they have lots of
interesting slogans and branded names at a much more reasonable price than

would say if you fancy a browse to do so quickly before they run out of
stock. Below is a wish list of my
favourite pieces (so hands off them!):

Flamed cotton jersey t-shirt £12 (reduced from £19)

child loves being a superhero and letting their imagination run wild. A t-shirt that claims they are the most
powerful one will obviously go down well.

Hilfiger White flamed jersey t-shirt £16 (reduced from £22)

the wording “Make Me Smile” it might encourage more positivity in the family!

Martin Navy Blue Sweatshirt £14 (reduced from £45!)

like the bold red lettering on the sleeves and it looks smarter than most of
the jumpers the boys currently own

Hoodie £29 (reduced from £47)

for the slogan “the best way is my way” – they think that already so might as
well wear clothing that confirms it!!!

All Star canvas low top trainers £20 (reduced from £33)

think converse are very trendy but I usually begrudge paying too much for
trainers that they grow out of so fast, so shopping in the sales means I can
get the brands I love but at the prices I am willing to pay.

my boys might be seen wearing some iconic brands and the latest fashions because
the price is right!

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