Sleeping through the noise

At certain times of the year the sheep that live by us are loud and unrelentless, they baaaaah all through the night and its impossible to sleep. I do not know about counting sheep to get to sleep because in my experience sheep generally have quite the oppostite affect on a good nights sleep!!! Sometimes when they go on for a particularly long stretch it almost sounds like they are actually talking “MUMMMMMMY” so I run upstairs and check the boys, but they are fast asleep and its just the not so soothing sounds of all the sheep baa’s and mehs playing tricks on my mind!

So I was more than a little pleased with the arrival of ear plugs from the Silentnight Sleep Clinic to see if that would improve the quality of my sleep.

My youngest made me laugh as he looked at the packet curiously and asked in a confused little voice “how will fake fingers help you sleep better?” Bless him although the more I look at them the more I have to agree with him…

I really wish I had these precious ear plugs for my stay in Blackpool, the night was long and the outside noises very loud at the hotel we stayed at. They would have ensured I settled off to sleep without disruption. Lack of sleep when your staying away is never ideal as you need all your energy for visiting attractions and having longer (more challenging!) days with the kids!

I was also sent a bottle of bubble bath, baths are one of my most favourite things. They are a great way to unwind of an evening, all your troubles slowly drift away. Being immersed in warm bubbly water washes away any tension and discomfort. I start to feel relaxed and better positioned to fall asleep quickly! If I skip the bath out of my nightly routine I find it harder to nod off. Thankfully my boys sleep much better these days but I still have my moments, largely because of those pesky sheep so at least I have my trusty ear plugs now!

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