Summer Boredom Busting Games from MEGABLEU

only just the summer holidays, yet the children are apparently “bored” and
mummy is officially exhausted already! 
So a delivery of games from MEGABLEU
was very timely indeed. The great thing
is each one is very entertaining but still simple enough to get the hang off,
so your children can play them on their own, giving us parents a very welcome
moments peace (huge sigh of relief!).

(5+ years RRP £32.99)

game proved to be very popular with both my boys (aged 6 and 8). You shoot Rhino as many times as you can
before the time runs out. My six year
old keeps this in his room and if he is ever at a loose end he starts playing
it again. He really likes it because
its Spiderman themed but he also quite enjoys trying to beat his high score and
competing with his brother and friends. 
All the children who visit our house are keen to have a game. It certainly seems appealing for the age
range it’s aimed at.

need to close the curtains so it’s dark enough to see the projection, but other
than that there is not a huge amount to do in terms of preparation. There are 3 difficulty levels depending on
how much of a challenge you like. I am
quite happy for my boys to play this game as it encourages them to be more
active, running around after the next projection, burning some surplus energy!

Hunter is the original version but they now have the NEW Spiderman one I
reviewed above and a Toy Story themed set. 
It is useful to know you can buy a different set depending on the
interests of your child. Although I
think whichever one you decide upon it will be well received by them.

(7+ years RRP £24.99)

Only daddy was brave enough to have a picture with the #creepyhand x

A photo posted by Karen (@missingsleep) on Jul 7, 2015 at 9:03am PDT

is quite a novel game; the creepy moving hand was a definite talking
point. Once the boys got over their
(short-lasting) initial fear of the hand they wanted it to keep pointing at
them as it walked around in a little amusing circle. It is a great way to learn some facts about your fellow players
when they decide to answer a truth, although personally I am not sure if I want
to know whether any of them had eaten snot!!! 

dares are quite varied, hum a theme tune, pretend to be a pirate (easy with my
crush on Hook on Once Upon A Time) and flamenco dance to name but a few, some
are fairly challenging depending on your skill base!

can do a forfeit if you are unsuccessful with your challenge for one last
chance to try and hang onto your card. 
Again this game is not complicated to play as long as the children
playing have a good level of reading ability. 
They can keep themselves amused and learn lots more about their
friends. It would probably work even
better in a bigger party set-up, although I could see a few potential blushes
when the player answers about which person playing is the most attractive!

six year old liked this game; I think the 7+ rating might be down to the
reading ability required, as he cannot manage to read the cards on his
own. Although younger children might
find the moving hand scary.

COBRATTACK (5+ years RRP £24.99)

loved the idea behind COBRATTACK, it’s like the classic childhood game statues
where when one person turns you freeze in position. In this case when the cobra’s eyes are red you must remain still
as he is watching you! When they go
green you quickly try and get closer to your prize (the emerald on the
basket). If I am honest we did find
this very tricky – not once did any of us get the emerald! But we still found it to be interesting to
play. I guess we liked the challenge,
hopefully one day that sacred emerald will be ours!!!

if your wondering what to do this holiday head to the MEGABLEU website and purchase some

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