The Best of TV & Movies Review and Giveaway

thought that hubbie and I would be better at this game as we both enjoying
watching TV and films together, I was much more optimistic than the Best
of British game
when we initially started.

But it proved to be highly entertaining yet again because hubbie and I
seem to have such terrible memories and even the films we have watched we
cannot remember the important little details… so hubbie does lots of these
thinking hard poses!!!

Regardless of how few
questions we answered correctly we still had lots of fun, the game was simple
to get started much like the Best of British game. You do get a clue on some of the question cards like the topic might
giveaway the answer slightly (For example “King”, then a question with the
answer King Kong) which helps and the occasional bit of guesswork enabled me to
move forward. Like “Which Disney
heroine, despite her character being the title name, had probably the fewest lines
and the least screentime?” – well I just thought Sleeping Beauty because she
was asleep so long and did not have a chance to do much else! Fortunately I got that right.

themes span a diverse range of films and TV shows over the years, so if you
play in teams made up of different ages it would probably work most
successfully. As it was hubbie and I
just played against each other and in the end if we could just answer one
question on the card regardless of working through it in the correct order we
gave ourselves a point, just so we could actually start to make progress around
the board. If you play in bigger teams
you can also use the bonus cards, so next time we will play with more people
and see how we get on as they do sound quite interesting.

can find out more information about the game and stockists on the Drumond Park
and if you would like to win your own copy of The Best of TV &
Movies please fill out the form below by the 2nd of August.

The Best of TV & Movies Game

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  1. my kids love playing the logo game. It was a game they were playing on their phone and I was so delighted to find I could buy it as a board game cause it means they r not on their phones!

  2. ive never had the chance to play one πŸ™ but i think this would def be a family fave in our household πŸ™‚

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