TheSchoolRun Review

I have been more worried about my children’s education than normal, I even got
to the point I considered home schooling. 
I am fortunate that my job is flexible (blogging from home) so I do have
the luxury of choice when it comes to my boys education. But it’s a big step going from having the
support of the teachers to doing it alone. 
Fortunately there is a great site out there called and it really has
everything you could possibly need.

can provide your children with year relevant activities and make sure they are
achieving at the correct level if not you can go back and brush up on the
earlier work and help them catch up. The resources give you the
assurance to try to home school if you need to or just to top up on the
learning currently received at school. 
This is especially important these days with big class sizes and in our
case the talk of merging with a younger class (which I worry will pull my
eldest son backwards!) to cope with the student number issues in the school.

found especially useful just before the end of term exams, it
gave my eldest plenty of practise for the real thing so he was prepared and
feeling confident in his abilities. The
site has free content, which anyone can access but becoming a subscriber gives
you full access to everything, so its well worth the money in my opinion. You can print out worksheets, games and
tests or save them on to your computer for when you are ready to use them.

It costs £59.97 every 12 months
or you can choose to become a school lifetime member (lasting 7 years) for £130
(less than the cost of three years!). 
For the sheer number of useful resources I am sure I will consider
signing up when my free trial runs out.

the long summer holidays a site like this is handy to refresh their knowledge
and stop them forgetting key information. 
You do not need to dedicate long, just do a short worksheet a day, just
something to keep their brains ticking over the holidays. You can start to prepare them for the type
of work they will find ahead of them in their next class at school. So when the new term starts they will be
comfortable with the workload and not overwhelmed.

really do like this site, whether you want to challenge your child and help
them excel or just try and support them catching up with their peers. Qualified primary school teachers have
carefully developed the content so you will find whatever you need here.

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