Would you holiday without your children?

The summer holidays are here in earnest, six to seven long
weeks to fill with exciting days out and fun activities, many arguments to
referee and playdates to organise. It
can be tempting to want to escape the bedlam and have a break of your own minus
the noisy chaotic children! Or just to avoid going on yet another theme park ride because your eldest fancies it and you quite categorically do not (my face says it all…).

can certainly see the attraction of going away without my children but I know I
would miss mine dreadfully. Especially
when I encounter things I know they would enjoy seeing and doing themselves,
why should I experience everything life has to offer and leave the two little
monkeys at home with their grandparents. 
As much as they enjoy time with their extended family the pair of them would
benefit from seeing the world.

do not have a huge amount of money so I would prefer us all enjoy a holiday
together than just going away as a couple. 
I would feel guilty seeing other families with their own children all
relaxed enjoying a holiday together knowing I had not included my own on our latest adventure. It would weigh heavy
on my heartstrings watching other families build sandcastles on the beach
knowing mine were miles away!

to this article by My Voucher Codes
22% of parents would like to get away without their children. I can see both sides of course; it would be
quite luxurious being away minus the early alarm clocks or the need to pick
resorts purely for the quality of the children’s entertainment. Hubbie and I could enjoying fine dining
without having to stop our youngest lobbing cutlery across the table or breaking
into dance just because he feels the need to but met with the stern disapproving eyes of the other quieter diners.

children tantruming and complaining about life in general when away might make
it easier to cope with! Those full on meltdowns,
complete with tears, shouts and face planted onto the floor make you realise
quite quickly the obvious benefits of leaving the children at home. I guess that’s why those without children at
home anymore would mainly prefer a resort that does not include them, 62%
according to the article. Hmmm maybe a holiday away is suddenly sounding more appealing…

One thought on “Would you holiday without your children?

  1. I always said I wouldn't, but I'll be off on a trip to Rome with my sister in autumn and I can't wait to have 5 days where I can be just me and not mummy, although I'll miss Amy like crazy – no doubt.

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