Aquafresh Making Brushtime Easier

Brushtime has not always been easy here but its something
I have persisted with, good dental hygiene is vital. Sadly very young children these days already have multiple
fillings because of diets high in sugar. 
My two accept its part of their daily routine now, eldest at eight
brushes his own teeth largely unsupervised but the six year old has a helping
hand (for one to monitor how much toothpaste he chooses to use!).

Aquafresh sent me a Brushtime
Kit to take away some of the stress of brushing teeth, after their report
revealed that 80% of children are throwing tantrums about brushing their
teeth. Consequently one in 10 parents
end up sending their children to bed minus brushing their teeth, which is a
real shame but I can sympathize, come bedtime we need some downtime from our little monkeys and might not feel up to facing another battle!

Making brushtime easier with #aquafresh and #insideout, also have a set to giveaway on my #blog x

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emotions seem quite heightened during brush time, I think come bedtime children
are either looking for any excuse to stay up longer so drag out everything in the process or
simply are overtired, grumpy and in no mood to co-operate. I have many a time had to come up with a
story to get them to brush their teeth, about a hidden little gnome who was
trying to change the colour of their teeth and we had to brush him out of there
to stop the mischief. Or lately for
youngest his teeth are the castle walls and I have to try and break in with the
toothbrush! Anything to keep it fun and

have teamed up with Inside Out the new film (released 24th of July) which explores different emotions
so it’s a good match with this campaign, as children definitely go through
various feelings when its time to brush their teeth! According to Child Behavioural Expert
Lorraine Thomas it’s very
important to make brush time as fun as possible, give them lots of praise when
they are doing it correctly, encourage them to watch children who already like
brushing their teeth to have a positive influence over them and use whatever
resources are available to you (books on teeth cleaning and stickers to

have another Brushtime Kit to giveaway; it includes a handy two-minute sand
timer so everyone knows how long they need to brush for (very useful here as I
am trying to encourage the boys to manage brush time more independently and
they can see just how long they need to keep at it!), the stress toy symbolizes
the anger of brush time so everyone can relieve their frustration squeezing
this (and relax!), two toothbrush holders, a wristband and most importantly an
Aquafresh toothbrush and toothpaste. To
enter please fill out the form below by the 28th of August and look
forward to an easier brush time routine!

Aquafresh Inside Out Brushtime Kit Competition

122 thoughts on “Aquafresh Making Brushtime Easier

  1. They love to brush their teeth , so much that they always fight to be the 1st one , yes i have 3 boys ahhaah i always say 'time to brush your teeth' so whoever gets there 1st is the 1st one xx they love to run up the stairs xx

  2. My grand-daughter has just lost her first tooth and has been really quite traumatised and is now fearful of brushing her teeth as she has a couple of wobbly ones.What we now do is we become opera singers,going through the scales as we brush,aaaaaaa,it takes her mind off it.She loves Inside Out so I really hope I win to help her get over this x

  3. my kids have a chart….. they each get a "shiny gold coin" at the end of each week if it has 14 (or more) stars on it πŸ™‚

  4. my little girl loves brushing her teeth, she used to hate it but we just made it fun for her she has a mirror to watch herself, and me and daddy do it the same time and we say ahhhhh and cheese ahhh for open up wide to clean the back teeth and cheese for the front of her teeth πŸ™‚

  5. I've learnt not to make it competitive and have a winners or points because the 'loser' ends up crying/upset at bedtime. We have fruity toothpaste instead of mint and have those buzzy toothbrushes.

  6. My son is autistic and HATES brushing his teeth, I have to pin him down to brush them! Looking on here for tips although think I have tried everything πŸ™ xx

  7. Me and my daughter (shes 2) play dentists together i look in her mouth and brush her teeth (saying some dentisty sounding things) then she does mine, she loves it!

  8. I have never had a problem with my kids brushing their teeth since before they even have teeth we always get them fun toothbrushes that they play with, then its just a natural progression for them to brush their teeth properly in fact sometimes I have to stop them brushing their teeth to much because they see it as a game

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