Basil Brush Tour Review

we went to see the Basil Brush tour in Llandudno, the boys and their friend did
not stop giggling for the length of the show. 
Hubbie and I had a few little laughs ourselves (over the biscuit jokes
especially!) which was an unforeseen surprise, but we should have expected it
really as Basil Brush does have his own brand of mischievous humour!

was taken aback by the make up of the audience it was not just parents and
their children but a fair few grown up’s minus kids! I guess many were reminiscent of Basil Brush from their own youth
and were keen to see him up to his usual tricks again. So if you are tempted to book but have no
children of your own do not let it put you off.

It was a very interactive show, which is great to keep
children occupied, they were encouraged to shout out “BOOM! BOOM! Basil” with
regularity, to sing and even dance! At
one point two volunteers were on stage to play a game of “meteorite catch”
(youngest did not raise his hand as he thought they might be real rocks bless
him!) it was engaging seeing so much audience participation. It also stopped children getting bored, as
they do like to feel like part of the show.

children might not be so keen on Basil’s evil nemesis with his creepy hypnotic
eyes but all the wee references, potty humour and even a cream pie to the face
make it appealing to them regardless. I
like how the big screen on stage is incorporated into the show as although the
set does not really change you still feel like your seeing something

Getting ready to watch #thebasilbrushshow x

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They especially liked the
Star Wars story and Basil Brush getting smacked with princess Stephen’s
handbag! The extending straw trick was
very good, I would have liked to have seen a bit more of Mr Stephen’s magic as
he executed it flawlessly!

favourite part was at the end the children (or even the grownups!) had the
opportunity to take a photograph with Basil Brush and Mr Stephen, I think that
was a nice little extra included in the ticket price. Not often do you get a chance to meet performers after a show and
it certainly made it all the more memorable for them. Just don’t let your child go too close to the box in case they
ruin the magic of seeing the Basil Brush operator hidden inside! My two missed him completely but sadly their
friend clocked him. Chris
Pizzey (Mr Stephen) did not rush anyone, you could have a signature or
pat Basil, it was great to see him giving that time to those who had bought

After the show its great everyone has a chance to meet #basilbrush #thebasilbrushshow x

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If you’re a fan of
Basil Brush or just enjoy slapstick humour then its worth booking tickets for
one of the remaining shows on their website.

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