Bedroom Inspiration

We have been staying in the boys grandparents house for the
last few days and like always being somewhere else has given me decoration
ideas to take back home. I like how
they have made the most of the space, even though our rooms are considerably
bigger because they have been very clever about what they do have you could
never really tell. In one of the rooms
you have a cabin bed so you have lots of space under the bed to make a den or
store away more toys, my eldest mainly seems to be sat under there searching
for Where’s Wally in peace and quiet.



found similar beds on the Charlies Bedroom
from the Scallywag brand and when the boys have their next room renovation I
think I will be ordering something from here. The second room here had built in storage rather than an
empty space to play. But again this is
useful, as then you need less furniture in the room because so much can fit
into the drawers and shelves under the bed.


My boys have bunk beds so rather than additional storage we
just have lots of beds. This is
obviously handy for those (very!) occasional sleepovers but generally on a
day-to-day basis they do not add much extra.
Although eldest has said being a top bunk sleeper is additional
protection against a Zombie attack (over active imagination but good to see he
has a plan in place regardless!). I
think though as you get older the novelty of bunk beds wears off, it has for
their older cousin anyway so I guess it might follow the same pattern for them. It will be a shame really as I have no idea
what I will do with two lots of bunks when the time comes…


There are other things I quite like, such as
wallpapering one signature wall.



eldest eventually outgrows his sea adventure mural we may well have something
similar to nanny’s house. The wallpaper
is very modern and ideal for a teen boy with eldest 8 at the moment sadly it
seems to be coming ever closer. One day
the soft toys will be relegated to a bottom drawer, those special comforters not
needed and as much as stepping on LEGO hurts I am glad they still have
lots of toys and playthings around them, I am not quite ready for them to grow
up yet!

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