Continuing to work after children

dad bought me a book entitled “Half a Wife”, which is all about reclaiming your
life. Although he has kind of shot
himself in the foot as one of the biggest suggestions is that grandparents do
more to help!!! I think he thought it
might have more practical advice I could follow on my own, he is quite
traditional and always thinks I should stop blogging so I can help out around
the house more and take the stress off my “poor” darling hubbie… you can just
imagine my reaction to THAT!

am flicking through the book to humour him, as I do love my dad. You never know some nugget of information
might sink in, although probably not something he hoped for. The book actively encourages women to strive
outside the home not be chained to the kitchen sink (that’s what the dishwasher
is for!). Although after years of early
childcare its hard to know what avenue to explore next. I have fancied myself in various roles
throughout my life so far, often day dreaming about what career path I should
have taken. As it is I stumble along
with my blog finding some personal enrichment in the process.

one time I quite liked the idea of working in HR and this course to study Training and Assessment would have helped me pursue that. I think its quite empowering being involved
in hiring and developing staff, but since blogging my new strengths are
probably more focused around social media. I
did a management degree many moons ago and I wish back then social media had
been more of a thing as it might have been much more interesting than the very
dry economics and accountancy elements we had to cover.

when I was working in a supermarket to supplement our quite meagre earnings
before hubbies promotion, I had someone quite rudely say you have wasted your
degree coming to work here. I was
shocked with her bluntness; personally I do not look at it like that, I work
how and when it suits my family with the options available to me to fit around
the children. Doing the degree was an
experience in its own right, what I end up doing eventually has no bearing on
the hard work studying I did! It’s a
shame people feel fit to pass judgement (instead of using their internal
filter!) but such is life. It’s good to
know there are courses out there though if I did want to try and carve out a
career, just to appease the busy bodies in the town of course!!!

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