Gangsta Granny Goes on Tour!

We love the David Walliams books, he is such a talented
children’s author the characters he has created come to life as you turn the
pages, the storyline is very appealing and often incredibly funny. So we are absolutely thrilled that the Birmingham Stage Company has decided
to bring Gangsta Granny live to stage! 
I hope they follow on with Mr Stink if this one proves to be a success.

Although I am sure it will be we have seen a performance by
this company before (when they did a Horrible Histories show at Warwick Castle
and can confirm just how brilliant they are!). 
If anyone can manage to convert such a fantastic story into a wonderful
production it will be these guys that much I am sure of.

Prepare yourself for the culinary delights of cabbage soup
prepared by Ben’s fragile old granny‚Ķ little does he know of her true (more exciting!) nature!!!

I love how the bond quickly develops between Ben and his
granny and he no longer despairs about his sleepovers there. It’s quite touching that they share one last
adventure together too. I am sure you
are familiar with the story anyway, but I won’t give any more away just in
case (although the picture might give you a bit of a clue!).

The hardest part is waiting until April when we are
scheduled to review! They will be
touring the nation so keep an eye on dates and book up tickets before the mad
rush. You can see some of the dates on
their website,
but this is by no means an exhaustive list as Llandudno is not featured and
they are definitely going there. I
would recommend keeping an eye on their social media feeds too, facebook and twitter just to make sure you do not miss anything!

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