Getting Outdoors Whatever the Weather

were very happy to be sent Helly Hansen raincoats for all the family to
review. Let’s be honest the weather is
a bit hit and miss at the moment so a light weight coat that can cope with all
the showers (and torrential downpours!) we are having has sadly become a must
have summer essential!!!

Our new family of coats #hellyhansen #review #raincoats #fashion #preparedforthewelshweather x

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are not ones to let a bit of rain confine us indoors, the boys have energy to
burn, places to explore and adventures to embark on! Otherwise they get cabin fever and start driving each other (and
me!) completely crackers. Even if the
weather was particularly bad we still have a dog to walk, our duty to her gets
us outside in all conditions.

Helly Hansen is all about making coats
that work alongside your body, being breathable garments you still get the
protection from the elements without overheating especially if you are doing
something very active.

put these coats to the test on long dog walks, llama trekking and tree climbing
and in each situation the coat coped admirably. Llamas like confident walkers and eldest felt very dapper in his new JR Frogner Jacket (£45), perfectly capable to handle this cute and cheeky character.

What better way to review his #hellyhansen coat than on a #llama trek x

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I can see why they are such a popular brand with adventurers, not
only are they very practical to your needs they also look stylish like this JR Jotun Jacket (£43).

have found the coats very easy to transport, they fold up well in a rucksack,
all four fitting easily into one. Then
if the heaven’s open we are always prepared and do not have to get soaked
anymore thankfully. With bigger coats
that are heavy you often make the judgement call not to bother bringing them
but that always tends to go against you and it’s bound to rain so investing in
raincoats is a wise decision.

picked out the Long
Belfast Jacket (currently £66 in the sale) as I really liked the extra
length it offers. It’s handy to continue
to have a dry bottom even if you decided to sit down on the soggy grass! It is a very comfortable coat.

The question is where shall we wear them next?

Possibly contemplating his next #hellyhansen adventure x

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