Happy As I Am

I have never felt the need to have cosmetic surgery, I am no beauty by any means but I am happy enough in myself. I am content with my body imagine, I wish my tummy was a bit leaner but until I stop tucking into cake and chocolate that’s not going to happen and I have learnt to accept that trademark wobble is just part of me (although I do use hubbie’s hands to try and cover it in photographs haha!).

My well meaning exercise routine a few months back lasted all of three days of twenty sit ups then I caved and went back to being Garfield! I wish I could be more dedicated and join a gym but it seems like too much effort when you already feel you have so much to juggle…

Actually finding time to get my hair coloured and apply a bit of makeup seems unachievable at times; I cannot even begin to imagine finding the time to recover from having a cosmetic procedure when my boys are still so demanding. The thought of the pain and discomfort after the operation and still trying to keep the house going, walk the dog and entertain the boys seems an impossibility! Then the cost, I can think of a million and one better ways to spend our hard earnt cash, yes it might be nicer to have bigger boobs, a trim tummy and a more refined bottom but if its making it harder for us to meet our mortgage payments and overall compromising our financial security than I do not see the sense in it. I guess if money was no object I might feel differently but I grew up in a household that needed to budget carefully.

I know some people get round this and have operations abroad, trying to cut corners and save a considerable amount. But in my mind you pay for what you get and if it’s 90% cheaper abroad (like it says in this TravelCampaigner article based on research by Pryers Solicitors) then surely that flags some BIG warning signs. I can understand if people are doing this because of genuine medical reasons and feel they have no choice, but simply for vanity it seems insane to take chances with your health and venture overseas.

If you head abroad, get it done cheaply and then for some reason its unsuccessful and you need corrective surgery who should be responsible for that? It seems a huge burden on the already stretched NHS services if you then come home and need them to rectify everything. I am definitely with the 75% that think the NHS should not have to fix complications (some requiring many operations and treatments) to put right problems when you took a chance booking a procedure where standards might not be so high and accreditations so strict.

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