Last Chance to Enter the Rummikub Online Championships

played a lot of board games growing up and now we are continuing with that with
our own children, my parents introduced us to Rummikub after they played it
with friends. They quickly bought the
game, we followed suit and the one I was sent from the PR company has been left
for the boys other set of grandparents to enjoy. I really enjoy manipulating the numbers even though it can be
frustrating at times when you are sat twiddling your thumbs praying you will
get 30 points soon so you can join the actual gameā€¦

Love playing #rummikub did not realise the range was so big though! x

A photo posted by Karen (@missingsleep) on Aug 18, 2015 at 7:45am PDT

if you are also a fan of Rummikub you can now sign up to the UK
championships. I do enjoy playing but I
rarely win, but it does not stop me persevering and trying to clear all my
tiles before my opponents manage to. If
you did want to sign up you simply join the Rummikub Online Championships and register by
visiting, going on the Facebook
page, Google Play or downloading the app. 
But be quick the last heat takes place on the 29th of
August. It looks easy enough to do, but
it did not seem to like Chrome, hubbie used Firefox.

The highest scoring eight UK finalists from the
Online Championships will be invited to take part in the Rummikub UK Final
taking place in September in central London. 
The overall winner will be setting off on a free trip to Berlin with a
luxury 3 nights stay in the Ritz hotel for a further exclusive Rummikub event
attended by champions from all over the world. 

I think it’s worth trying your luck with a
lovely prize on offer. It’s such an
addictive game, we never settle for one round we keep going and going. Each of us desperate to have a winning round
for ourselves, although hubbie seems the most talented Rummikub player in our
household so he did give the Rummikub Online Championship a try. I on the other hand am renowned for muddling up the board at times trying to be a bit too ambitious with my manipulating and then losing my train of thought!

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