Little Bou, a small UK online retailer leading by example

When Natasha and Sacira struggled to find excellent quality, beautifully designed and environmentally friendly boys clothing under one roof, they decided to take action and Little Bou Boutique was born.

It was in 2009 when this tour de force of fashion innovation first looked to work with now world-famous clothing labels such as Mini A TureFUBYporqueMilibe and Finger in the Nose in a bid to offer parents who favoured style and quality all from one chic online location.

Six years on and their bid for this achievement has been one of incredible success. Now showcasing clothing for boys aged 0-11 years old from around 30 luxury designers, they have become the one-stop shop for finding outfits of discern for any occasion.

In addition, they have become a leading light within their industry with their high profile digital presence and their clever use of various social media platforms.

Commitment to only working with only the best designers

Creating an online environment that stood head and shoulders above the mass market range saw Sacira and Natasha approach a number of designers they felt matched the brand they were looking to nurture.

The criteria for a designer was that their collections were stylish, great quality, practical and functional, had a look and feel of luxury and that they had a strong ethical stance as to their production methods.

Important that items were within the price range of parents who want their children to feel comfortable in everything they wear, the focus of Little Bou looked to promote a seamless combination of already established designers as well as those breaking into the industry.

The strategy was – and continues to be – a huge success with designers now keen that their collections feature in the store and also that they show their commitment to eco production as much as they do to chic and imaginative styling.

Over time, ranges have increased and in 2012 a range of toys was added and there are now a number of utterly stunning items stocked for young ladies in the Girly Bou department of their store.

Innovative use of digital communication channels

Opening an online store is a huge step. As well as having products to offer, there needs to be a solid communications strategy in place to first launch the name and to then continue to raise awareness of the direction of the company through various digital marketing means.

Little Bou opened the virtual front door of their store to an immediate positive response. It seems that parents had found it just as difficult to find exciting and well-designed clothing for their sons and so welcomed Little Bou with open arms.

Once initially established in the market, the continuation of raising awareness and increasing brand loyalty began in earnest. This continues now with the use of a regularly updated and well-read blog that offers news and features.

Whether parents want to find inspiration for their children’s bedroom furniture, understand why organic materials for their baby’s clothes is so important, or simply find out more about a specific designer, the Little Bou blog is where they’ll find it. As experts in children’s designer clothes, they have many stories and hints and tips to share.

Through to their growing popularity on social media sites where they can share messages and talk directly to those interested in the ranges available, these platforms offer customers the chance to really get to know the company and the owners behind it. The use of social media takes Little Bou simply from clothing retailer with an online store to a brand that encompasses clothes to buy and everything there is to know about designer style for children.

The last few years have been incredibly exciting at Little Bou Boutique. With even more top designers looking to add their collections to the new items offered each month and the high profile presence of the store in the digital world, the future for all those associated with this shining example of how to fill a niche in the fashion market looks bright. You could even go as far to say as bright and sparkling as the eyes of the young boys (and girls) who enjoy their adventure-filled lives, wearing their clothing from Little Bou.

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