Living Room Plans

have a considerable sized living room but we are not making the most of the
space, sadly we are dumping my outstanding review items in the area of the bay
window (it’s a definite summer backlog, give me strength to face it!).

Its a space we had earmarked for a comfortable chair, one I can retreat too to read
a book quietly when the boys are hogging the large sofa to play computer
games. Lately as I have started nearing
40 I do have more aches and pains in my lower back, so want a seat I can get
into a good position. The La-Z-boy recliner
from Recliners Direct looks like one possibility, they had me at supreme comfort after
all, plus a back cushion is a necessity these days. Even blogging at my desk I stuff a cushion to support my back. Age has a habit of creeping up on you and generally its okay as long as you adjust your lifestyle accordingly!

As our rooms are all so big we look lost in them, we
really need additional furniture to make them more inviting. Winter will come and it will soon feel cold
and empty all over again. I guess at
least this year we have blinds in the windows, which is a good start. But I still long to get the extra items
ordered to complete the overall look of the room; we have lots of wasted space
that it not utilized effectively and its just too tempting to fill it with
something far less striking. Actually
looking at the picture might give me the motivation to work through my reviews,
seeing them all like that is a bit overwhelming, especially as they spill outside the scope of that one picture!!! I want to rescue my living room…

the moment our sofa has been pulled out, that was mainly to clean behind it,
its awful how much rubbish and dust accumulates under a sofa! So if you have not moved yours lately it
might be a good idea to give it a clean… and reclaim all the lost kids and dog
toys under it! I
would also like to get some bigger lampshades, as the two cheap ones we picked
seem dwarfed in the room.

But it was
the case of limited funds and not much choice at the time. I also debate about getting a mat, as laminate
floor can be quite noisy as the boys stamp around and the puppy clatters after them. My list of wants grows ever longer
and hubbies disapproving stare deepens and the clutch on his wallet tightens!!! But it’s so dull constantly paying to
renovate the house and not actually adding any extra furnishings or home
comforts to enjoy!

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