My Dream Kitchen

My kitchen has some redeeming features it is a decent size,
it has plenty of cupboard space and quite an impressive looking cooker (if it
all worked properly!). But I would love
to change it regardless, it was the kitchen that came with the house that we
bought over a year ago not one I would have designed myself.

It is more of an industrial kitchen as the house used to be
a commercial property and needed to feed more than our small family of four, so
there is nothing cosy and comforting about the space it is simply functional not
pretty. We have started making some
smaller changes we removed the extra hand washing sink, the third sink in the
room! We have kept the double sink as
that has proved handy keeping on top of the dishes before we had our new
dishwasher. We have a little tank for
instant hot water in there, which I would love to have removed, again its
useful when you are attending to the needs of many people but for just us its making the wall space look unsightly.

I would love to change to cream or white kitchen cupboards,
at least the wooden effect ones we have are not completely outdated. But they are not my first choice; the dog
has also had a nibble of one of the corners (when she was a puppy teething) so
eventually it will be good to have a new set and start afresh. It’s all well and good making things last
but I do hope one day we get to put our own personal stamp on the space.

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My biggest change would be to get the pantry wall removed
and incorporated into the kitchen so it was a better shape and mean the end of
that extra little room to dump all our boxes that still need to be sorted! If I lost that hidden space it would force
me to finally get organised and unpack completely. But whilst it remains I just close the door on the chaos and forget it exists!

Seeing as it’s a big project not just a matter of
re-decorating alone I would have to get a loan, this loan calculator from TSB is useful to calculate the monthly repayment to see if
we could actually juggle another debt! 
For now though my dreams for the kitchen are on hold, as the outside of
the house still needs TLC unfortunately.

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