#netflixstreamteam August Viewing

This month has been dominated by one show alone for the
adults and that has been The Originals, we have whizzed through the first two
series and are chomping at the bit to get to series 3 hopefully it will be out
in October I think. I must admit having
a different show to get completely enthralled into took the edge off missing
Hook from Once Upon A Time (although I am still counting down until I get more
time with him, just please don’t tell hubbie!).

and I rarely go out because of childcare, we do not have date nights out
together but we are still very happy as we have snuggles on the sofa care of
Netflix! I love that you can give a
show a try and then if you change your mind you have lost nothing and can
quickly move on to something different. 

watched one episode of Survivors tonight, but so far we are not entirely
convinced, the concept is good, a handful of people survived after a global
virus, with no running water or electricity life is very different. It is quite low budget, but does have some
redeeming features so we have decided to give it another viewing. If it does not capture our attention we will
be swapping over to something else, fortunately we have no shortage of choice
on Netflix, we actually have far less time to dedicate to Netflix viewing than
I would like. But with the boys on a
sleepover I can cram in a few more shows than usual.

boys have been watching the new DinoTrux series; I watched the first couple of
episodes with them and must admit they seemed to be enjoying the truck dinosaur
characters and I loved how they work together to find a solution. It’s a good message for our children to know
working with your friends can help you achieve anything! My eldest was very pleased with the new baseball
hat from the Netflix PR company; I think he wants to wear it as much as
possible to introduce more people to the show.

have included the trailer so you can see for yourself.

What do you enjoy watching on Netflix? I would love suggestions for more shows I should be looking out for.

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