Our Experiences at the #PlasticineSofteez Twitter Party

hope you managed to join us for the twitter party but if you missed it here is
a little round up of how we got on.

Softeez proved to be a HUGE hit here, it was much more easy to mould than
traditional Plasticine. It was
wonderful seeing the children feeling inspired to be creative. We had quite a full schedule of activities
to cover in the party but the children were enthusiastic to tackle each one.

the excited children arrived they were paired into two groups of three to make
sea creatures with the Under The Sea kit. It came with a sea backdrop so the children were
naturally keen to start populating it with fish, turtles, clams, dolphins,
seaweed and even a little fishing boat! 
I noticed the older children seemed to prefer using the
accompanying cutters whilst the little ones seemed happier to have free reign
with their own imaginations.

We also had an experimentation session adding the Plasticine colours together to make new ones like it showed in the instruction booklet.

The children enjoyed this and it is educational helping them learn about colour mixing. If you wanted to you could then discuss primary and secondary colours but our party needed to keep its pace and we moved on.

Later the younger ones made up their own little game with a ball of Plasticine and a tray, they each tried to move the ball without it falling off the tray! I was surprised with their own ingenuity and it just goes to show how versatile Plasticine really is.

We continued the free play fun and everyone seemed eager to make (mainly) Minions.

Even an adult could not resist having a go!

The Plasticine Softeeze Snake Challenge was quite thrilling, everyone was manically rolling out their snake in the time frame to try and win a prize! But fortunately everyone had a certificate for their efforts. Just to add we have laminate flooring so its easy to tidy up afterwards but if you have carpets it might be wiser to use your Plasticine outside!

We followed on to Cupcake Creations, first the children coloured in a cupcake picture before trying to recreate that cake in Plasticine. Our joint winners (a sibling group so luckily they can share the prize), one for the more accurate cake and the other because bless her she decorated the piece of paper so well, deciding to use the Plasticine direct onto it!

think I would definitely host a party like this again, especially for
birthdays; it’s easy enough to buy in some Plasticine Softeez and much cheaper
than the cost of a party entertainer. You can then have themed goodie bags and food, you can also tailor the
activities if your child prefers a certain character and have a modelling
competition to make that. Normally I panic about how we will keep children happily occupied for the length of a party but with Plasticine Softeez it was an absolute pleasure to be hosting one, everyone had so much fun and we completely overran!

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