Pebli Town Review and Giveaway

We were sent Pebli Town a new pre-school toy from Toys Alive
to review. It was very easy to get
started; you just download the free Pebli Town app onto your tablet, it
connects to Apple and Android via Bluetooth. 
Simply prop up the shop, church, school and park into their spots, make
sure you have 2 AA batteries for the board and then follow the on screen self-explanatory
instructions. Thoughtfully included in
the pack is a tablet stand for ease of use, ours already has little legs so was
not needed in our house but it is handy for those that do not have this option.

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My boys enjoyed seeing the characters “magically” appear on
the screen once placed on the clever hotspots. 
My youngest is at the top end of the suggested age range at 6, but he
still had a pleasant time playing with the figures and going through all the
activities. The videos had characters
like Pink Panther and Mr Bean so at his age they are still appealing.

The games also sparked their interest; they offered adequate
challenge for the 6 year old (even his 8 year old brother wanted to see what
all the fuss was about and have a go!). 
I liked how the game progresses in difficulty, in Cloud Buster you have
to use a springboard to reach items in the clouds. You have thunderstorms, wind, rain and birds to navigate round as
the game advances, so plenty to keep the game fresh and fascinating.

The pieces are a good size for 3+ year olds; the characters
are chunky and well designed for the age group. Everything seemed sturdy too, always important with younger
children who can be heavy handed at times. 
Story creator helps children use their imagination to develop their own adventures;
I really like how the novelty of the Pebli people helps little ones to

So much content has been crammed onto Pebli, I was extremely
impressed. It’s a safe way for children
to watch videos; with 200 in total there is plenty to see. I like how the videos are tailored to the
interests of the characters (like cooking or art). Sadly too many children have unsupervised access to the likes of
YouTube so I would prefer something like this were the chosen content is
pre-approved and safe for the user. I
remember once watching a video on YouTube with the boys about Mario the next
minute Mario weed on Peaches the girl he is meant to rescue, so you see having
this kind of extra security built in is essential really.

The Pebli Town starter pack retails at £59.99, which is a
fair price for a sophisticated bit of kit for the 3+ children out there. If they have older siblings who have games
that already work in a similar way (like Skylanders or Disney Infinity) it’s
nice to have something for the younger audience, that still encourages them to
play with the characters and not focus just on the screen. Please do check you have a compatible device
before ordering as it only works with select devices.

Here is a video from Mookie Toys showing a demonstration of the set.

If you would like to enter the giveaway for one of these
wonderful starter packs please fill out the form below by the 11th
of September.

Pebli Town Starter Pack (£59.99) Giveaway

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  1. I think she'll like the characters to play with as well, she is very 'heavy handed' so something chunky and sturdy would be perfect for her

  2. The story creator is great, I love that they can create their own story and that they can use the figures to do so. Really interactive and great for their imaginations!

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