Reading Eggs Filling The Summer Learning Gap #competition

We are nearing the last week before many children go back
to school, you might be a bit worried they are rusty after so long without
formal lessons. The last thing you want
is your child feeling anxious about the things they have forgotten, so it might
be an idea to brush up on some learning activities before their first
week. Sadly the summer learning loss is
a real thing for those who have not carried on with some element of structured
learning over the holidays.


had quite grand plans to do lots (stack of learning books, lots of lessons to
cover on Reading Eggs and books from the library) but with holidays, family
visiting and playdates much of it has fallen by the wayside. Fortunately though with my Reading Eggs
subscription in place and accessible at any time I can soon encourage my
youngest especially to crack on with his reading.


Time for some #summerlearning with #readingeggs x

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loss is estimated to be equal to about 1 month (Cooper 1996), so I guess its
crucial to try and support your child as much as possible to claw back some of
the loss. Otherwise September sadly
will end up being the month of catch up rather than advancement if we do not
help with the learning gap.


you have not tried Reading Eggs before now would be an ideal time, they have a 5 week free trial ending on the 30th
of September that will really help your child with a smoother transition back
to school by following the clear and engaging Reading Eggs and Mathseeds


I am giving away a year’s subscription to both Reading Eggs and Mathseeds to
give your child a welcome boost to learning.
If you do not have a huge amount of time its handy having a programme
like this children can follow without too much involvement by yourself. To enter this giveaway please ensure you
fill out the form below by the 19th of September.

Win a years subscription to Reading Eggs and Mathseeds

57 thoughts on “Reading Eggs Filling The Summer Learning Gap #competition

  1. We did not do any learning over the holidays but my daughter went on a trip everyday with her out of school club and visited castles, museums and parks etc so I class this as a different kind of education of a cultural & social kind.

  2. My 5 year old said "I'm on holiday, I don't have to do any learning"! He does enjoy reading though so we managed to keep that up over the holidays. Thinking about it, there were lots of ad hoc learning opportunities over the summer – looking at wildlife we stumbled across for example.

  3. My grand-daughter is three and just now her learning is mainly reading and drawing.She's as bright as a button and can spell out words and then understand what the letters say.Her mummy is an artist and she is obviously going to be very good too,she already draws people with hair,eyes,mouth,arms,legs and feet,Quite an achievement for a child of her age x

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