The Importance of Baby-Proofing

My brother has never had kids so he is a bit vague when it
comes to knowing how to look after them. 
He does not see little dangers around us and compensate for them like I
feel I constantly have to do, he just thinks it’s all fun, games and no
responsibility bless him! He arrives he
has a water fight, wraps them up in cuddles then leaves… and all the time
thinks I am overprotective and a worrywart!!! Although maybe making my youngest wear a hardhat in play was one step too far haha!

I on the other hand think he is TOO relaxed whilst I
manically make sure medication is locked away, corners are covered, baby safety
gates were installed (when the boys were much younger) and fingers not trapped
in doors!

My brother is a landlord now and after reading this article
about baby
proofing your rental home
I hope he is sympathetic if his tenant who has
two young children makes small changes to the house to make it safer for her
children. He might not appreciate the
extra drill holes from those safety gates but they are essential for the peace
of mind of parents.

Even better if these tenants eventually move out maybe he
could baby proof as standard or at least reassure them he is happy for changes
to happen that would improve the overall safety of the property. I think it would definitely make your rental
property more attractive to parents, because lets be honest many of us are very
protective of our little charges.

Reading the article reminds me of how difficult it can
be to keep babies safe, when they are mouthing everything they find and seem to
make a beeline for the stairs or anything else potentially dangerous! We had a stairgate at the bottom and the top
until the boys were capable to navigate them on their own, all our sockets had
covers and the fridge even had a lock to stop those prying hands grabbing
anything they shouldn’t. I will
definitely be encouraging my brother to read the article so he is better
prepared when tenants want to discuss baby proofing and hopefully one day in
the not to distant future he might have children himself. I am desperate for the boys to have more
cousins and to cuddle a squidgy baby without having the overwhelming duty of
raising it!

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