Up-Cycling It Can Work!

My dear friend over at BooandMaddie
recently up-cycled a set of drawers using some chalk paints and fancy handles
and the end result was very impressive, as you can see for yourself.

I think seeing it work well is a great motivation to try and
attempt it, my friend has impressed me with all her new found skills! I can barely follow the instructions to
build a basic piece of furniture never mind know where to start to transform it

Prior to that I had only seen a close friend nearer to home
attempt up cycling but she spent a small fortune buying all the paint and
materials and would have been better just buying white drawers straight
away. What she achieved still looked
nice of course but weighing up the time invested and the cost was not worth it
in her case, as the item had no additional details that made it stand out more
than something she could have bought straight off the shelf.

I wish I could be more ambitious like that as it might be
one way to get the furniture I would love on a more compact budget. We definitely have enough random pieces of
furniture we could practise on, most that could do with a fresh lick of paint
after years of children scribbling on them! 
With the right equipment, perhaps one of these Autofeed screwdrivers
from the Anglia
Tool Centre
to speed things up, a steady hand and a bit of flair I could
surprise myself!

I think our first project should be the unloved
sideboard in the hall, its top damaged from a leaking fish tank. It would be wonderful if we could customise
it rather than feel the need to chuck it out all together. It’s tempting to do that but other than the
top its in fairly good condition. It’s
about time we learnt, as we need every bit of furniture we own, we have such
big rooms in our house and not much in the way of furnishings. Chalk paints can go straight on wood so who
knows our sideboard might have a new leash of life soon…

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