Wild West Carnival Event at Hatton Adventure World

were provided with complimentary tickets to Hatton Adventure World to see what
additional activities were available whilst the Wild
West Carnival event was on, during the 18th of July to the 9th
of August. We have visited Hatton
Adventure World before and thoroughly enjoyed our stay so we were pleased of an excuse to come back again.

Had lots of fun at the Wild West Carnival #hattonadventureworld #summerholidays #dayout x

A photo posted by Karen (@missingsleep) on Jul 31, 2015 at 6:53am PDT

One of the highlights for
the boys was the stocks and encouraging mummy and daddy to stay there defenseless whilst they threw soaking wet sponges at us!!! Although my eldest did have the courtesy to
let me have a go at throwing one back at him, it was much appreciated
lighthearted mischief for everyone! 
Plus with the glorious sunshine we soon dried again…

Daddy in the stocks #hattonadventureworld action shot! @hattonworld x

A photo posted by Karen (@missingsleep) on Aug 3, 2015 at 3:20pm PDT

Sheriff was highly entertaining with his funny quips; he had hubbie and me in
stitches. He was completely in
character with the western drawl mastered to a tee! I must commend the effort he put into making the Wild West
Carnival such a success. It’s worth
going along just to giggle at what he comes out with.

cans to shoot with Nerf guns posed an interesting challenge – but even my
direct hit did not drop any so I think we all need more practice. There were also lots of little inflatable cows
and wooden hobbyhorses to ride around the enclosure, which added to the fun of the
themed area and helped children imagine their own cowboy/girl scenario rounding up
the cattle!

making was going on in earnest but my boys were just as happy to bale hop in
the sunshine instead! Unfortunately we
missed the actual show as we had to be on the road to London, but going on the
success of the sheriff alone pottering among the park visitors I am sure it would
have been riveting stuff.

we were visiting we noticed Hatton Adventure World has got rid of the Frisbee
Golf and replaced it with an Outdoor Laser Combat attraction instead. We have played laser tag elsewhere and always
really enjoyed it. But if I am honest
Hatton Adventure World was better as it provided army overalls to wear which
helped my hubbie and eldest get into the spirit of things and they also had
lots of prop buildings dotted around the big battle field to hide behind.

#hattonadventureworld #lasercombat a great addition to the attraction x

A photo posted by Karen (@missingsleep) on Jul 31, 2015 at 8:31am PDT

hubbie said it was very realistic as both teams experienced the disadvantage of
starting on the base of the hill during one of the two games. Although the top of the hill had two sides
to defend so could be tricky in its own right. 
To give everyone a fair chance they allowed re-spawns in the first 5
minutes, this was useful to anyone without prior experience of the game but trying their best to get the hang of it.

session is included in your entry price, although children do need to be 8+ so
I am sure we will be back when youngest is older so he can join in too. You do need to book a time slot so I would recommend heading there early on as it is understandably very popular. With the laser combat thrown in and the special Wild West Carnival event Hatton
Adventure World becomes more reasonable than ever before.

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