A Weekend Wedding

spent Saturday at a wedding, the boys looked smart and handsome in their suits,
the sun thankfully shone for the bride and groom and we all had a most
enjoyable afternoon and evening, even if by the end of the event my poor feet
were killing me (high heels and dancing do not mix well!).

At the #wedding looking smart boys x

A photo posted by Karen (@missingsleep) on Sep 6, 2015 at 1:19am PDT

little detail had been carefully thought of and planned to perfection. With the newly weds already being parents
they ensured the children were well entertained and happy. They
had a sweet table for the children to enjoy, although I am not sure if free
reign is a good idea, it depends how well your child can moderate what they
take!!! We had some serious sugar
rushes but its no surprise the display looked very tempting… I felt a bit sorry
for my friend who was stuck on the kids table! 
They were VERY loud and boisterous; trying to get them to simmer down
for the speeches was not an easy matter.

Just home from a wedding with a #sweettable x

A photo posted by Karen (@missingsleep) on Sep 5, 2015 at 3:48pm PDT

you want to do something similar for a wedding aquarterof.co.uk have a
great selection of retro sweets that are sure to appeal to your guests. I think a sweet table seems to be growing in
popularity at weddings, just leave an adult close by to supervise portion size. I really wish we had one nine years ago when
we wed, we only had about five children at the wedding but I am sure the adults
would have been happy to oblige with eating all the sweets – and quite possibly
would have been able to keep the sugar rush under wraps!!!

On the tables for the
adults was a pretty little box with a packet of love hearts hiding inside, but
you can pick different wedding favours because these days we are spoilt with choice. I think it’s nice to leave the guests with a
memento of the day; mind you the boys pinched our wedding favours so that was
the end of them! Traditionally sugar
almonds are given but personally I cannot stand them, I would stick with
something heart shaped because you might as well go all out on the love theme
when it’s your wedding. I did feel
quite emotional watching our friends get married, I quite fancy having a
blessing one day, I would say after 10 years of being married but that’s not a
huge way off and we would need to save up. 
If not I will just have to go all out when the boys get married and see
if I can help organise the sweet table or wedding favours just so I can go
overboard on colourful sweets and obviously taste test as many as possible to make sure they are just right for the occasion…

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