Always do your research

Living more rurally than most I tend to do much of my
shopping online, because of this you cannot really try before you buy, even our
sofa much to my mum’s horror was bought without us actually having sat on
it! We were incredibly lucky and it is
comfortable thankfully, but it just seems such a trek to drive anywhere I just
hope for the best. I think its probably
naïve in some cases but if you factor in the cost of petrol always travelling somewhere
it gets quite prohibitive.

Well we do read reviews to try and get a better idea about
the product we are ordering, lately hubbie and I always additionally check
reviews on the actual companies themselves to make sure they are not shifty
before we make a purchase – we started doing this after I had an incredibly
hard time getting a product I ordered (a caterpillar rocking toy) off a site,
if I had done my research I would NEVER have ordered from them because they had
a dreadful track history and lots of unhappy customers who had a terrible
experience with the firm. I bet if I
did a search now they would have gone under because customers opinions matter
and I think more people are getting savvy about checking for reviews.

Next year I would like to take the boys on another foreign
holiday, as it has been a few years since we last went to Portugal. We have done so much in the UK I think we
would all like a bit of a change, in search of warmer climes, sandy beaches and
possibly a cocktail or two for mummy! 
Whatever we book it needs to be reasonable; we are still tied into lots
of debt with the house renovation projection (yawn!) so I will be searching low
cost holidays.

Sunshine holidays had me with their very cheap
tagline! But again I will not just book
a holiday without doing my research; you need to know how other customers have
fared before you chance it. According
they seem to be doing quite favourably, with 1880 reviews you have lots of
information to wade through to get a good feel for sunshine holidays before you
book, it also looks like the reviewers have to be verified so hopefully its
much more objective and you can actually report any you think might be
fake. For holidays in particular also
check that they are a ABTA member, just for the extra support and protection
that membership provides.

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