Apple and Sultana Cupcakes

I am not quite sure what came over me but I felt an overwhelming urge to
bake cakes! Eldest actually came home
from school and said this is like the olden days; I could be a chimney sweep
coming home to cakes from my mum!!! Bless him, maybe I should cook more often
if it makes him so nostalgic! I took
some cakes over to my dad too and he almost keeled over in shock. Yes I do bake but VERY rarely so it is quite
a noteworthy occasion, especially this time as it was not prompted by a
campaign on my blog.

We had lots of apples from a neighbour so I decided to search out a recipe
that would use them!

My neighbours kindly gave me lots of apples from their tree 😃 #kindness #goodneighbours now what to do with them? x

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Half a block of butter

A teaspoon of vanilla essence

A pinch of cinnamon

Three apples I cut up roughly (already peeled)

Three handfuls of sultanas

2 cups of self raising flour

¾ cup of sugar

2 eggs

Cup of milk

I like baking using estimates because it seems a lot of effort to
precisely weigh everything out each time, a cup of this and half a block of
that (assuming the block is a regular size mind!) is much easier for me to

The sultanas were soaked in hot water before being used which made them
nice and plump. The oven needs to be set
to 180 degrees Celsius, ideally do this as soon as you start
so it has time to pre-heat.

Add the butter and sugar, then the vanilla essence and
eggs. Shift the flour into the mixture
and add the milk a little at a time, followed by the pinch of cinnamon.

Now add the sultanas (minus the hot water they were
soaking in!) and the apple (you can grate this or just bash it hopefully with a
fork I did the later!).

An urge to #bake came over me! Apple and sultana #cupcakes with cinnamon x

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I then spooned out the mixture and added to the oven
for 15 minutes.

Then enjoy with a cup of tea (after a hard day chimney

Decisions decisions eat as they are or add the salted caramel frosting??? x

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