Back in the driving seat

Now that its calmed down in our home town, the tourists
have left, the roads have quietened down I am going to practise driving
again. I use every excuse under the sun
to keep putting it off, the latest one being how busy the roads were over the
summer holidays. But I cannot get away
with that much longer; the place has slowly emptied out. There are not hordes of holidaymakers
blindly crossing roads without checking for oncoming traffic anymore, so I
should hopefully build up my confidence at a time the place is overall much
more peaceful.

love our car it’s a Skoda and considered very safe in the Euro
NCAP test results, it was a big step up from our old car that was very crammed
for our family. Although I still remember little red quite fondly…

But most of the time the new car is sat in my husband’s work car park not being used, I wish I could just swing
by and pick it up myself and transport the boys comfortably back home after
school – rather than me chasing after them as they manically scoot out of my
sight or on those days we don’t venture out with scooters I have to try and
coax my reluctant walkers to get shifting homeward bound one unenthusiastic foot step at a time.

The main problem with our
car is it’s a bit of a hike to get it serviced and have its tyres changed. To be honest I am pretty clueless on the
maintenance side of things and we just leave it for the company to sort
out. It would probably be better if we
picked out our own provider for tyres, car tyre dealer networks such as Point S allow you the convenience of browsing through the complete range of tyres by different brands online!

As much as we like the car itself we have not been satisfied with the customer
service sadly. We have had some issues
and they have been far from helpful resolving, so we will no doubt try another car company when the time comes. Although will my next excuse be then that I cannot rush into things driving because
it’s a new car to get used too all over again…

been an expensive business juggling our car finance though so maybe I should
just get us all bikes and we can cycle everywhere!!! Although with the drop in temperature we have had already I think
I will stick to the cosiness of a car (we have heated front seats so have been
well and truly spoilt!).

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