Beaulieu National Motor Museum

hubbie had been as a child and remembered the place fondly so he was keen for
the boys to visit when we were holidaying in the area. We were very unlucky with the weather, it
was torrential, so bad that roofs were leaking and sand bags were
deployed. But remarkably we still had
an enjoyable visit; the staff were all incredibly friendly and when we had a
respite from the rain everything quickly resumed so we did not feel like we
missed out on anything.

cost £48 (if booked in advance) for our family of 4; we also spent an extra £10
(normally £12 but you get some vouchers off with your entrance ticket so do not
forget to use them if you decide to try it) on the Top Gear Simulator. The boys seemed to like it but I was not
that impressed. I think perhaps its
because I have been on more sophisticated ones in the past, so I was a tad disappointed! It was not quite thrilling enough of
me. Aside from that though I would
whole-heartedly recommend a visit to Beaulieu generally.

great that lots of the attractions are undercover, so you do get some
protection from the rain (well not quite so much in the Beaulieu Abbey which
sprung a leak!!!). The Top Gear
presentation was very funny and well worth watching. I really do like Top Gear so the World of Top Gear exhibition was
a must for fans of the show and my children were intrigued by the more unusual
creations to be found there.

is quite a vast attraction so its great having the option to travel on the
monorail or open top veteran bus as much as you like to rest those weary
legs. Both forms of transport make for
an interesting way to see the sights – the monorail actually goes through the
Motor Museum.

Travel in style! Get a satsuma #car x

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liked the falconry presentation it was very informative and wonderful seeing
the magnificent bird of prey in flight. 

Learning about #falconry #beaulieumotormuseum x

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We all liked watching the Victorian Family Playset – the family chauffeur was giving a driving lesson to one of the ladies of the country house. Afterwards any who wanted could have a chance to sit in the car for a picture, fortunately we did not have to accompany her on the next “lesson”.

#beaulieumotormuseum I could get used to this! x

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am glad we have been to Beaulieu after hubbie felt so nostalgic about the place – my boys have
their own good memories from their visit now.

#beaulieumotormuseum getting into character! x

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